• • Customers must be at least 21 years of age.
  • • Customers must provide a current, valid U.S. driver’s license.
  • • Customers must provide proof of full coverage insurance.
  • • Customers must also provide a major credit card or debit card for fuel, mileage or cleaning charges.
  • A temporary hold will be placed on your credit or debit card until the vehicle is returned.
  • • Not Valid on Holidays.
  • • Weekend Rates starts from Friday noon, ending Monday. No Sunday returns.
  • • Mileage, 150 per day 4,500 miles/mo $0.15 per mile after
  • • Rental cars are prohibited from being driven out of the country.
  • • Customers are responsible for any vehicle damage or other costs while the rental vehicle is in their possession, and must return rental vehicles in the same condition they received them except for ordinary wear.
  • • All rental vehicles do not include fuel used by the customer. Customers must return the vehicle with a FULL FUEL tank.
  • • SMOKING in rental vehicles is PROHIBITED, and a $250.00 cleaning fee will be charged if necessary.
  • • Transporting animals in rental vehicles is prohibited, and a $400.00 cleaning fee will be charged if necessary.

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